Features to Pay Attention to When Buying a Fat-tire Electric Bike

As a new type of electric vehicle, fat tire electric bikes differ from traditional electric vehicles in the design of fat tires.

Many countries and different regions have begun to use electric bikes for travel, which is not only energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but also convenient and fast. Especially fat tire electric bikes, suitable for different terrains. Many people don't know how to buy fat tire electric bikes. This article brings you the features that you should pay attention to when buying fat tire electric bikes.

fat tire electric bike

Motor Power

Fat tire e-bikes are designed for riding on rough terrain, so they should have a higher power output. If you normally ride steep hills or simple terrain, you can choose a 500W motor is enough. If you are a heavy rider with off-road adventures, the 1000W one is more suitable for you. The batteries used in Songzo RC600 and RC750S electric bike are 500W BAFANG Rear motors.

Tires and wheels

Fat tire electric bikes usually have larger wheel diameters and tire widths. This not only increases the stability and traction of the vehicle, but also provides a more comfortable ride. Fat tires are made of stronger and more durable materials and have a greater contact area with the ground. This means you'll be able to ride safely on unstable terrain like hills, mud or sand.


Not just fat tire e-bikes, in any e-bike market, be sure to pay special attention to three things about the battery - brand, voltage, amp-hour rating. The battery's duration will determine how long you can ride your e-bike.


Although stainless steel has long been the industry standard for building cars, it is rapidly being replaced by aluminum alloys. The difference between steel and aluminum is that the latter is lighter and, if produced to a high enough quality, as strong as steel.


The height of the bike should match the height of the rider, so there are children's models, adult models and women's models on the market. Moreover, the biggest difference between the fat tire electric bike frame and the ordinary frame is that the front fork of the fat tire electric bike is wider.
Fat tire electric bikes are usually also wider due to their larger tire width and wheel diameter. This means that you need to pay attention when driving, especially on narrow roads or passages.


Fat e-bikes are larger and heavier than regular e-bikes because of the amount of braking force required to stop a moving fat e-bike. Hydraulic brakes are more efficient, responsive and reliable than mechanical brakes.

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