50 First Orders Exclusive Benefits

50 First Orders Exclusive Benefits

Event content:


If you are one of the first 50 customers to pre-order SONGZO BT1 electric scooter,you will not only enjoy the limited-time discount on new products and triple deposit promotion,but you will also receive an additional color wrap worth €99 and can choose the color of your choice.


If you get this quota,our staff will notify you via email within 24 hours after you pre-order SONGZO BT1 electric scooter or pay the deposit (this time may be delayed if it is a weekend),please pay attention to your inbox.


To participate in this event, click on the picture to quickly arrive 




1. This event is a limited quota event and will automatically end when the number of participants reaches 50.


2. Customers who participate in this event will receive an email from us regarding quota confirmation and color selection of the giveaway.


3. After our notification email is sent, if no reply is received within 7 days, it will be deemed that the customer has automatically given up the opportunity to obtain the gift.


4. The color wrap worth €99 mentioned in this event has a size of 2500mm*3000mm and is used to change the shell color of SONGZO BT1. It will be sent to your address in another package, not in the same package as the electric scooter.


5. You will need to apply the color wrap to the shell yourself.


6. For more shopping events, click here.


7. SONGZO reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity.


Are you one of the 50?
What color do you want to change your SONGZO BT1 to?
Tell us your thoughts or plans in the comment section below!

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