Shipping Policy

Shipping Area

SONGZO offers free UPS/TNT/DPD Ground shipping on qualified orders. Only valid for orders in most European countries. Parcels are usually sent from the Czech Republic or Poland. We cannot deliver to any island.

For orders from the UK we also send packages from the Czech Republic or Poland, usually an additional 100 Euros will be charged as a secondary customs clearance fee (due to Brexit).

• Orders for second-hand bicycles or scooters will be sent from our after-sales service shop.


Shipping Time

In-stock orders are usually dispatched by warehouse staff the next business day, unless otherwise stated on the product page or our customer service contacts you to let us know.

For stock orders, we will provide a tracking number within 3 business days. After the order is shipped, a shipping confirmation email will be sent to your mailbox. The carrier is UPS/TNT/DPD. Generally, they will scan the shipment and start shipping within 2-5 days, but it cannot be ruled out that there are special circumstances that cause the shipment to remain unscanned, depending on the carrier. We are unable to provide any additional shipping information or documentation for any third party shipping. Any delivery dates provided by SONGZO are estimates.

For pre-orders/backorders, please see the shipping date on the product page.


Shipping Changes & Order Cancellations

Before shipping

Order Cancellation: If you cancel your order within 2 hours, no handling fee will be charged. If a customer has ordered the wrong model and wants to place a new order, after receiving the second order, the original order will be cancelled without any processing fee.(This does not apply when the total value of the second order is much lower than the first.)

If you cancel an order that has not yet entered the shipping process and the order has been placed for more than 2 hours, a fee of 4% * total order amount will be charged as a handling fee.

Change of Address: No charge fee.


After shipping

Order Cancellation: If your order is shipped and cannot be modified, you may reject the package and 10% of the order cost will be charged as a cancellation fee.

The customer is also responsible for the return shipping fee of €150. SONGZO will provide a return shipping label and the designated carrier will collect the return package.

Or the customer may also choose self-return or arrange the return shipment by himself. However, we recommend rejecting the package at the time of delivery by the carrier, in which case the return shipping fee borne by the customer will be reduced to €100.

More information is provided on Refund Policy - Model Replacement & Return Part.

Change of address: We recommend that you call the local carrier as the recipient and inform them of your need to change your address. Unless the addresses are far apart, the carrier will generally agree to your request. If you fail to change your address, you may reject the package and 10% of the order will be charged for re-shipping. And the customer is also responsible for the return shipping cost of €150 .

Replacements and exchanges:

A) If you successfully exchange the item, €20 will be charged as a processing fee.

B) If you fail to change, you may reject the package and 10% of the ebike cost will be charged as a reshipping fee. 

C) If you fail to reject the item and still want to cancel the order, 10% of the ebike cost will be charged as the processing fees and the costomer is also responsible for the return shipping cost of €150 .

Order Tracking

You can track your order and shipping & handling information on your account if you have registered one on . If you haven't registered on our site, you can also track your order here with your order number.

If you haven't received the bike, however, the logistics order shows the goods have been signed. In this situation, please contact us in 3 business days. Otherwise, after 3 working days, we will no longer deal with this issue, and customers need to contact the corresponding logistics company to solve this issue.

• Usually, when your order is dispatched we'll send you an email or you can cheak on your order details with your tracking number so you can follow the packet.

• When we provide the tracking number, it proves that the package has been shipped. If you have not found any tracking information, it may be because the third-party logistics staff has not had time to scan your package, or you need to wait for the package to arrive at the next station. Please be patient.

• Regarding the delivery of accessories: accessories are generally shipped from China, and the delivery time for ordinary accessories is about 7-15 days, depending on whether the customs clearance is fast.
The battery contains chemical substances, so the customs requires strict inspection, so the delivery time of the battery is about 22-25 days.
All accessories sent from China can only be tracked after customs clearance.