3X Deposit Discount Event

3X Deposit Discount Event

Event content:


If you a pay €50 as a deposit,you will be able to deduct €150 from the total price during the pre-sale period of SONGZO BT1 electric scooter,which can be combined with the limited-time discount(- €100) for new products.

Participating in the deposit activity can be combined with the new product discount (-€100) to take effect at the same time(-€200 in total), it means that you only need to spend €1699 in total to own a SONGZO BT1 electric scooter.


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1. The number of participants in the “3X Deposit Discount Event” is limited, and each one can only participate once.
2. Participating in this event means confirming the pre-order of SONGZO BT1. Regardless of whether you decide to pay the balance or not, the deposit will not be refunded.
3. Users who participate in this event will also be included in the "50 First Orders Exclusive Benefits" quota, but the additional benefits will not be confirmed and shipped until the balance is paid.
4. Users participating in this activity need to pay the balance within 30 days, otherwise they will be deemed to have voluntarily given up the right to use the three times the deposit, and will give up the "50 First Orders Exclusive Benefits" event quota.
5. For more shopping events, click here.
6. SONGZO reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity.



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