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Songzo RC750S Electric Bike

Songzo RC750S Electric Bike

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Songzo RC750s electric bike has a 48v500w motor. The maximum weighing can reach 150KG. Suitable for all kinds of mountain terrain.

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All SONGZO bikes are covered under our manufacturer's 1-year all-inclusive warranty for the original owner against all manufacturing defects.

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  • 6061 Aluminum


  • 500W BAFANG

    Rear motor

  • 48V 15Ah

    Lithium-ion battery

  • 50-60km/h

    Max speed

  • 40-60km

    Mileage per charge

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Questions and Answers

How many riding modes and speed gears does the electric bicycle have?

【Three modes】: 1. Assist mode 2. Pure electric mode 3. Pedal mode. In addition, the ebike has 5 gears to adjust the speed, which can be changed according to road conditions or your own preferences, giving you a comfortable driving experience.

Can the battery be removed from the bike?

Yes, of course.
The battery can be removed through the key, and after the battery is removed, the RC750S will become an ordinary bicycle.
At some point, it may be more convenient for you to remove the battery to charge.

How long does it take to charge?

It only takes 6-8 hours to charge from 0 to 100. Please connect the charger to the battery before connecting it to a power source.Please charge in a dry and ventilated environment.

What if the bicycle breaks down?

The first thing of course is to contact our customer service team promptly. We have a strong technical department to assist you in diagnosing the problem and proposing the best solution. Due to the time difference, our customer service will reply you within 24 hours. Our customers can get lifetime technical support services.

Does this bike have a certificate of compliance?

For sales in Europe, we can provide CE and COC certificates of conformity.
Every city has different traffic rules.
If your city requires you to apply for additional information such as license plates or insurance, you must apply yourself and we will do what we can to assist you.

  • KING-Meter Smart Screen

    R750SUses The NOKEE-U Series Waterproof Instruments Of KING-METER. Which Shows The Total Mileage, Battery Level, Speed, And 1~5 Speed Level Display. The Display Screen Is Equipped With Three Buttons, Which Are Installed Next To The Left-Hand Grip To Control The Electric Mode And Power Assist Mode, And Control The Light On And Off.

  • Rappelling Shock Absorber

    Crafted From Premium-Grade Aluminum Alloy, This Shoulder Fork Boasts Exceptional Strength And Durability. With Its Lightweight Design, You'll Enjoy Greater Maneuverability And Control Without Sacrificing Performance Or Reliability.

  • SHIMANO 7-speed Derailleur

    Shimano 7 Speed Transmission System, Excellent Transmission Performance To Ensure A Safe And Stable Ride. You Can Switch To A Larger Gear When Going Uphill And A Smaller Gear When Driving At High Speed. Combined With The Pedal Assist System, You Can Adjust The Appropriate Speed To Complete Your Journey.

  • Aluminum Alloy Crankse

    The Aluminum Alloy Crankset With CNC One-Piece Molding Process Provides Excellent Power Transmission Efficiency. Robust, Lightweight, Durable, High Axial Strength And Compatibility.

  • 26"X3" Fat Tires

    The 26×3.0-Inch Mountain Fat Tires Provide Better Grip And Traction On The Toughest Terrain. The Biggest Fun Is To Ride On The Beach Or Snow, Mountain Roads, It Will Also Leave A Good Impression.

  • 48V 15AH High capacity battery

    As a power bike, the RC750S is equipped with a 48V15AH Li-ion battery. After our tests, when using the energy-saving gears (1-3), with pedal assist, the maximum cruising range can reach 50-60km, and the pure electric riding range can reach 50-60km.

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1. Beginners or the elderly cannot use high-speed mode.

2. Stop accelerating when going downhill.

3. Check that the handlebars and wheels are secure before riding.

4. Avoid riding in rainy days. If the scooter is unfortunately flooded, it may damage the components.


5. If you do not plan to use the bike for a long time, please charge the scooter regularly, otherwise the battery will be over-discharged and enter the sleep mode, which cannot be used normally.

6. Normally, there will be two keys in the package, you can carry one of them with you, but please make sure that the other key is kept in a safe place so as not to lose it.

7. The maximum speed and maximum riding mileage are determined by the rider's weight, friction on different road surfaces, battery life and other factors.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Finn Lopez

I've always wanted to buy an electric bike. As soon as I came across the rc750S, I knew I had found the electric bike I was looking for. Because it is suitable for mountain roads, also fat tires.

Robert Martinez

RC750s electric bike is the last gift I received in 2023. I believe it will stay with me and my family for many years. I look forward to living with it in the future.

Walt Howard

I never thought I could get this gift. Because it's perfect for me.

Zane Wright

I'm 198cm, 115kg, I'm an athlete, and I can use it normally. I feel like it's carrying more than 200kg.

Braylen Thompson

This is the best gift I bought this year. This gift will accompany me for many years, whether it is going to work or going outdoors, including camping, I want to take it with me. This is my favorite gift ever. Thank you my parents.