Pre-sale Terms


Placing a pre-order indicates your agreement to these terms.


The stock quantity that will arrive at the warehouse soon is limited. For all pre-orders, we will send you an email to inform you when your order is expected to arrive. If your order is not in the stock batch that has recently arrived at the warehouse, we will also notify you by email.


Pre-orders will be shipped in the order order as soon as the stock arrives at the fixed warehouse.

If you need to change the address or cancel the order, please read our shipping policy.


The warranty period of pre-orders will be calculated from the delivery date. For details, please refer to the warranty policy.


Pre-orders will enjoy the same return policy as regular orders.


For all orders where the €50 initial payment is made but the balance is not paid, the €50 initial payment will be treated as a deposit and will be eligible for the 3X Deposit Discount Event. The balance of the order must be paid within 30 days, otherwise the order will be considered cancelled.

For orders where the balance is not paid within the time limit or where you change your mind and need to cancel the order, the deposit will not be refunded.