How to change a color on the shell?

SONGZO BT1 is equipped with a three-part shell made of ABS+PC material. Generally, the appearance modification will occur on this shell.


Usually, you can use spray paint or color wrap to change the color.
Of course, we have tested the feasibility of these two methods, and the final conclusion we have come to is that it is recommended to use color wrap instead of spray paint to change the color of the shell.

Spray painting may sound more convenient than using color wrap, but in fact, as long as you are not careful, you will lose the smooth surface.
Using spray paint requires precise control of time/speed and coverage area when using it, otherwise the paint may crack due to uneven scattering when solidifying. Even if you want to continue spraying the cracked position of the paint, the crack will still exist.
After spraying, you need to let it dry for at least 48 hours. The humidity of the environment will also affect the solidification effect of the paint.
Paint has a very pungent smell, and this smell takes some time to dissipate.
In addition, using spray paint to change the color is irreversible, which means that the shell will not return to its original appearance, and the next time you want to change the color, you will face the choice of spray paint and color wrap again.


Color wrap is our best recommendation.
Color wrap does not emit a bad smell, and when you use color wrap, almost all actions are reversible.

Once you have chosen a color wrap, you need to cut the color wrap into three parts according to the size of the three shells. When cutting, you need to reserve a certain size (usually 5cm) on the four edges of each part to avoid that one edge will not be covered by the color wrap in the end.
When applying color wrap to the shell, you need to first select a flat surface, then apply it on the premise that all edges will be covered, and then apply the color wrap in other directions.

* If you encounter bubbles during the application process, you can lift the position where the bubbles just appeared and apply it again.
* When you encounter a curve in the shell, you need to use a hair dryer to slightly heat the color wrap, then gently pull it and apply it to the curve.
* After heating, the color wrap has a certain degree of ductility, and at this time, you only need to gently pull it to fit the uneven curve part. (The ductility of color wrap is not infinite, so please do not use too much force, just use appropriate force to achieve the purpose. Excessive pulling may cause the elasticity of color wrap after cooling down, resulting in larger bubbles.)
* This method is also suitable for encountering a flat shell halfway and the color wrap is no longer flat.


If you encounter any problems when using the color wrap film, you can also contact us and we will reply you and give suggestions as soon as possible.
When you use color wrap to stick all parts together, there will be a part of the edge of each shell that was initially retained. At this time, stick the retained color wrap to the inside of the shell and cut the excess part with a knife.
For the headlights and screw holes on the shell, you can also use the ductility of color wrap to stick and cut.
After the above process is completed, you will get a new color shell.
You can even complete the splicing of two colors by cutting.


When you no longer like the color or prefer another color, you can tear off the color wrap and you will get the original shell, which cannot be done by spray painting.
If someone works with you to do this, it will be done faster and better.
Although this process may take more time for an inexperienced person, it is meaningful to transform your electric scooter into the appearance you like.
In addition, there may be some minor flaws when you use the color wrap film yourself, which is the evidence of your own transformation.

If you mind the flaws, you can also find out if there is a professional shop in your city that can do this.
We also provide paid private customization services, and you can contact us for details.