Another Chance for Free Color Wrap

Another Chance for Free Color Wrap

 Event content:


In line with the design concept and original intention of SONGZO BT1 electric scooter, we hope that this electric scooter can show the personality of the user while also having social attributes, so we are happy to see you and your friends transform the appearance of SONGZO BT1, ride together, play together, and have fun together.


So, when you and your friend both purchase SONGZO BT1 electric scooter, regardless of whether the orders are under the same order number or in the same account, you will both receive a color-changing film worth 99 euros as a gift.


To participate in this event, click on the picture to quickly arrive 




1. This event cannot be participated in at the same time as the "50 First Orders Exclusive Benefits" event, you can only choose one of them.


2. If the order is not in the same account, you need to provide the other party's order number and account email address for verification.


3. To participate in this activity, the total number of SONGZO BT1 must be greater than or equal to 2.


4. The earliest order time and the latest order time cannot exceed 5 days.


5. You need to take the initiative to send us verification information via email or WhatsApp. Only after our confirmation can you obtain a quota for this event.


6. You will need to apply the color wrap to the shell yourself.


7. For more shopping events, click here.


8. SONGZO reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity.


Will you join this event with your friends?
What color do you plan to change the SONGZO BT1 to?
If you have any thoughts about this event, you can write them in the comment section below.

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