Limited Time Offer: Save €100 on SONGZO BT1

Limited Time Offer: Save €100 on SONGZO BT1

 Event content:


SONGZO BT1 electric scooter is launched as a new product, with a retail price of €1899.

During the pre-sale period, new products are discounted for a limited time at €100.


To participate in this event, click on the picture to quickly arrive 


1. All users who order SONGZO BT1 during the pre-order period will automatically enjoy a discount of €100, which means the actual payment is €1799.
2. The discount will be automatically reduced, no need to fill in a discount code.
3. This event does not conflict with any other activities, which means it can be combined with other offers.
4. We recommend that customers who confirm their order for SONGZO BT1 also participate in the “3X Deposit Discount Event”.
5. For more shopping events, click here.


6. SONGZO reserves the right of final interpretation of this event.


So will you participate in this price reduction event?
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